FIMTA 2021

Frontiers In Materials for Technological Applications

August 04-06,2021

Guidelines for Virtual Poster Presentation

  • All presenters are required to register. Please visit our FIMTA 2021 website (Link).
  • All digital posters must be prepared in either .PPT or .PPTX format.
  • Make sure that you do not exceed the limit of 5 PPT slides for your digital poster and have it organized as you wish (e.g. one for Title, Introduction & Methods, two for Results and one for Summary & Acknowledgements).
  • It is recommended to keep the title of the poster same as in the submitted abstract.
  • Try to keep the text easy to read and concise. The digital poster should have a clear message, a logical layout and be easy to comprehend.
  • Avoid the use of full sentences and rather use short text in bullet point format.
  • JPEG or PNG is the preferred file format for inserted images. Please be mindful of any copyright issues of photos used when creating your poster.
  • Font – Calibri, Times New Roman and Arial; and Font size – minimum 24pt for Titles/Headings and minimum 20pt for text are recommended.